Tumbling for Gymnast and Cheerleading

IMG 2452This class is appropriate for first-timers ages 3-5

Children will learn forward rolls, backward rolls, sideways rolls, bridges, cartwheels, handstands and headstands. All tumbling and motor skills will develop as your child participates in more advanced challenges in the form of games and obstacle courses. Children have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Students will be introduced to gymnastic basics on Balance beam vault and Bars.


Sports Skills & Drills: Improve skills for gymnastics along with agility for Soccer &Taekwondo. Classes include obstacle courses, Fitness Games and Challenges. Great for both Boys & Girls.

Basic Tumble

As a member of our USA's Got Talent program, tumbling classes are available dailey and unlimited weekly!

Progressive tumbling skills will begin with rolls and cartwheels. Our students begin each class preparing their bodiies to tumble. Gaining flexibility and strength through out classes to accomplish new goals.

  • Monday Tuesday and Wenesday tumbling classes are taught as a gymnast technique exploring also Vault Bars Balance Beam and Floor exercises.
  • Thursday Friday and Saturdays are Cheer techique. Learning stunts and pyramids  for cheerleading as well as Cheer forms and chants.
Advanced Tumble

Requirements; Tumbling: Front & Back Walkover performed nine out of ten times, Dance: Experience, Maturity, Dedication and private audition.

adv tumble

Performance Teams

The Performance Team is the performing group of Club USA Dance. Team members are chosen through audition and must show maturity, motivation, and dedication to the art. Our Performance Team members are expected to strive for success.Our goal is the perfection of the art and building of their character. Our mission is to provide superior well-rounded, solid, technical training in all forms of dance or tumbling while also promoting responsibility, leadership, and team work. Our passion is the art of movement and desire to perform!
big-dClub USA Dance Performance Teams

  • Cheer & Pom Squad

  • Pee Wee Pom Squad
  • Elite Dance Team

  • Lord of the Dance
  • Wings to Fly Tumbling

Being a member of the Performance Travel Team requires dedication and hard work. Team members will learn to develop technique and enhance their talent while learning from successes and failures, along with many other important life lessons. This will be an experience that will positively impact the lives of its students and will be remembered their entire life.