Our Journey of Tumbling & Dance

club-usa-dance-logoWithin myself I see a person…Deep within… Much more!

The Beginning… We bring out the confidence and talent in each individual. Our Journey is to guide our students into a life style, for a lifetime, of fitness!

Life is a dance… Dance begin with the end in mind, we introduce dance to our toddlers at age two. We allow our kids to be creative and excel in their own unique way therefore we suggest our Combination classes. Tutus and Tennies is really where it begins as these kids are discovering what they really like, to Dance or Tumble?  Most importantly kids find fitness fun and they discover their talents. Continuing this theory throughout tutu and Tennies allthey way into Performance Team classes,kids continue to explore their talents.


Graduating from a combination class Students may choose to pursue their goals with either more Tumbling or Dancing. We provide an extensive progressive tumbling and Dance base to aid in the success for not only our Performance Travel Teams, but specific athletic or competitive training for:

spacer • Gymnastics
• Theater
• Dance
• Cheerleading
• Skating
• Karate

I am proud to say I have former students who have become Elite Gymnast, Received Gymnastics or Cheerleading scholarships, as well as current students excelling in their sports while currently dancing at Club USA Dance.